What is driving people to online shopping

July 09,2014

It is more economical to create an online store, than to own an actual one made of bricks. (See http://branded-usb-flash-drives.co.za/)

Affordable, decent servers (like the dedicated server WebEZ owns) make for fast usage.

To know your Product is one thing, but to know your client is the other:

  • There are 51 Million people in South Africa, but only 5 Million of the population has buying power...

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  • 6 Million of black consumers make up the buying sector.
  • Only 1% of Woolworths and Pick & Pay’s business is online.
  • Most online customers are ladies
  • Women are more likely to shop with companies which have loyalty schemes.
  • Good service is very important to consumers. (Online Service includes snappy response on email and online queries as well as speedy delivery of products)
  • Online Stores need to be verified to create trust with first-time shoppers. SABWA is a Verification Bureau for Website Business Authentication

There are Four Types of Online Shoppers

Our Youth (knows more about technology than the bright webdeveloper

New shoppers – 60% do research, but only 25% actually buy

Window shoppers or browsers - at least its done from the couch - and not the irritation created by walk-ins

Seasoned Shoppers – these shoppers are used to service and quality and will not visit a site that does not look the part, or give bad service.

We tell all our new WebEZ website clients the same thing over and over. Anyone can own an online store AND have their website ranked with us on the first page of Google and Bing, but not all will be successful, Why? Because you need to sell a solution not just a product. Retailers now have global competition, because people can shop anywhere in the world and have products delivered (even Iced Tea from Iceland).

So finally - what do customers want out of their Online Shopping Experience?

  • Convenience (A website that is professionally designed and easy to use, plain layout that is easy on the eye, if you are not sure, leave it white!)
  • Good Price in comparison to your competitors - remember a browser will shop until the third page of Google! That means 30 other prices will be considered.
  • Selection - it is always good to have an array of products - giving the browser better options
  • Customer reviews - have a space on your site for customers to review your product and service. Yes, its fine to have a bad review - don't remove it! It shows that you are human after all - and if a review reports shows NO bad reviews it creates suspicion.
  • Presentation and level of service is very important – it must stay consistent.
  • Don’t promise what you cannot deliver!
  • Have a good Social Network and build up a fan base. Post regularly to your followers, trends, specials, whats on's and more...

 If you need anymore info regarding shopping online call WebEZ and make that change.