What is a Responsive Web Design (RWD) or a responsive web template?

August 06,2015

A Responsive webdesign is basically the website template used that responds to the different dimensions offered by the device. In other words if you use a desktop the template shows all the content of the website, bu when you view that same website from your tablet or iPad, the dimensions change to fit the screen. The designer can also choose which functionality must fall away when the screen becomes smaller. On a cellphone all major features will drop down below each other for easier scrolling.


Why Responsive Templates?
Firstly major search engines like Google and Bing requires this for better search optimization. Secondly, browsers onto your website want easy access to all your links, something that the old templates could not do. Lastly, all major responsive templates are built with the latest plugins and extensions - which means that you don't need to pay a fortune to have a Google Map installed on your website or even to have an electronic contact form. Even photo-galleries come standard with these templates.

Out of the 20.4 million websites in South Africa only 10% currently are using responsive templates. Google gives preference to these sites in their ranking.

Which templates to prevent:
Stay away from Self Built Sites or free sites like Wix - they firstly do not perform well with ranking and secondly do not look professional. The customer out there has become more aware of what a professional website is about ("First impressions are lasting impressions")

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Happy Webdesigning
Louis Eichstadt