Why is my Website losing Rank on Google

June 07,2017

There are a few reasons why your sites ranking will decline if it is not maintained by a serious designing company - this is also the answer why you as a hoster needs to pay a monthly fee towards hosting.


What does Google say?

Website Content Writing:

Googles policy has changed - as websites pop up like mushrooms, some unmaintained and some just left to take up valuable space on the web, Google has tried to put a stop to this . The only way was to force webdesigners and copywriters to write better content for their websites, Gone is the day where one can load a multiple amount of keywords on a page - Google is looking passed that, even meta keywords at the back-end of your site are disallowed bringing the demand for a proper copywriter to the forefront of modern webdesigning. Yes you the Millenniums - spelling IS important!


We understand that linking your site to another site is important. Some cons out their will approach you to exchange their links with you - careful! If your site is linked to a banned or malware encrypted site - your site WILL be losing rank. It is up to your webdesigner to frequently do proper SEO test on the performance of your site.

Frequent Updates:

The back-end of your site consists of an array of programmes. Some of these programmes are open-sourced (its free) and some are programmes which your webdesigner needs to pay its annual fee. If these programmes are not update frequently - you will lose rank.


Writing Articles:

Google loves articles, especially if your webdesigner creates a path to your article section on your site for Googlebots to access. Get the creative juices flowing and start writing articles and blogs.


Digital Marketing:

The Digital Marketing Age is here. Gone is the old phone directory or newspaper ad - everyone is online and accessibility to better internet is here, hello optic fibre! If you have not yet caught on to digital marketing you will be left behind. Google has realised this and one of the reasons they bought out Youtube is just this. They also prefer all their own products so better you link up with Google it helps. Ask us here at WebEZ to help you with your new Digital Marketing Campaign!


Hacked Site:

Although not an immidiate crisis - if your website designer or hosting company does not load a back up quickly and install a proper firewall (which is a given with any new site anyway) Google will penalise your site


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Happy Digital Marketing
Louis Eichstadt