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The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Ireland was the most recent site to be vandalized where their homepage was replaced by a picture of the black ISIS flag and the words "hacked by ISIS, we are everywhere," the link to a Facebook address however is broken. A audio plugin file that was embedded onto the site played what appeared to be a song in Arabic.

The same descriptions appeared on the maine page of Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio, owned by NASCAR star Tony Stewart, a church in Canada and a Goodwill center in St. Louis, amongst others.

"The FBI is aware of the reported incidents and is contacting the impacted parties," the agency said.

March 10,2015

A Responsive webdesign is basically the website template used that responds to the different dimensions offered by the device. In other words if you use a desktop the template shows all the content of the website, bu when you view that same website from your tablet or iPad, the dimensions change to fit the screen. The designer can also choose which functionality must fall away when the screen becomes smaller. On a cellphone all major features will drop down below each other for easier scrolling.

August 06,2015

There are a few reasons why your sites ranking will decline if it is not maintained by a serious designing company - this is also the answer why you as a hoster needs to pay a monthly fee towards hosting.

June 07,2017