Storytelling and Interaction

July 09,2014

The role of having good constructed content has always been important for a website, abiding to Google's strict content policies sometimes undermine this feature. It was always difficult for us webdesigners to match good content with Googles content policies. What I am saying in normal terms; to write about our clients' company profile can become boring if we only focus on specific keywords (the keywords Google need to structurise ranking options, performance and statistics around your site). Search Engine Optimisation will take a step backwards in 2015 to the latest trend of the international website movement namely, storytelling. Don’t get us wrong - SEO's will stay, but additional focus will turn to Storytelling.

Storytelling is a fun way of adding interesting facts, statistics, Did you know's... and graphics to your website. The best example of storytelling is definitely the scenic tower of Seattle better known as the Space Needle. Storytelling makes your website visitor linger longer which in return, as our Google friend will tell you enhances good bounce rate percentages. Bounce Rates for the 'normal' people in this world , means the time spent by a first-time visitor to your site before he decides to leave. The average website's bounce rate, globally from 0-5 seconds is a staggering 95%! It means on average 95% of all visitors to a website leaves the site within 5 seconds.

The Space Needle website also demonstrates another trend for 2015 – interaction. Webdesigns are becoming more interactive and vibrant to help present content in a distinctive and engaging way. Interaction together with movement used in website design (our 2015 website template is parallax designed! ) can contribute to a better visiting experience to your site.