FBI Investigates Possible Islamic Hack of Western Sites

March 10,2015

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Ireland was the most recent site to be vandalized where their homepage was replaced by a picture of the black ISIS flag and the words "hacked by ISIS, we are everywhere," the link to a Facebook address however is broken. A audio plugin file that was embedded onto the site played what appeared to be a song in Arabic.

The same descriptions appeared on the maine page of Eldora Speedway in Rossburg, Ohio, owned by NASCAR star Tony Stewart, a church in Canada and a Goodwill center in St. Louis, amongst others.

"The FBI is aware of the reported incidents and is contacting the impacted parties," the agency said.


The hacks got people's attention right away.

"All of a sudden, our website was taken over by a hacker that took over a header stating that the website was now under the control of the Islamic State," Eldora Speedway General Manager Roger Slack remarked. The site had a back-up and was running the next day.

"It is important for website owners to be looked after by their website designers - a lot of owners only host by ISP's little do they know that in case of a hack they will lose everything, JL Eichstadt - WebEZ - South Africa."

The Southwest Montana Community Federal Credit Union's site, however was not restored because an internal investigation is undergone.

Related hacks were reported over the weekend elsewhere, which appeared to have no connection with one another, not even the same registrars They included:

  • MERS Goodwill and the digital agency Elasticity
  • Moerlein Lager House and Montgomery Inn in Cincinnati
  • The historic Montauk Manor
  • Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, California
  • Backbar, a ritzy cocktail bar in Somerville, Massachusetts.
  • Third Street Brewhouse in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

"There are thousands of hacking groups globally - what the website owners need to understand is that the face of the hacker (the blank page, logo and music) is a smoke - screen to what they actually are after. They leave embedded at the back end of your site in the coding file, programmes to keep their access intact. There main ambition on any site globally is to harvest email addresses and to leave links on your sites, for either SEO purposes or to sabotage opposition websites by way of creating bad inbound links so that Google bans the site", JL Eichstadt, owner WebEZ .

A hacker group calling themselves "Lizard Squad" claimed responsibility for similar hacks of high-profile sites in recent months. Sites that were hacked by Lizard Squad included those of singer Taylor Swift in January and of PlayStation and XBox One in December.